Tuesday, January 27, 2009


To me, maps are very symbolic. They tell you where you are and how to get to new places. They show you where you've been and how you got to where you are now. If you look at an older map, it will remind you that things change: borders, names of countries, even geography.

So of course, I love the idea of incorporating maps into a room. I used to get my ex-boyfriend an antique framed map for his bedroom every year-- always of a country he had been to or of a place that had a special meaning. I always thought they were great gifts... they have character (especially antiques), they're cool to look at and can have a sentimental value. Now I have to start my own collection!

As you can see in these examples from a Hallmark magazine, you can get two completely different looks with two different maps. A more colorful and bright approach:
Or a more sophisticated and rich approach... (by the way, LOVE the trunks as a coffee table and the dog!)
I can't decide which look I like more, both rooms look so cozy and warm!

Maps are also a colorful AND educational addition to a child's playroom. Barbara Westbrook thought so too!

Thomas O'Brien even hung a map in his own home:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm Baaaack...

After being laid off in November I have been entirely too distracted, disillusioned and busy to blog. BUT... the other night I went to the new home of some friends of my sister's, Erin and David, and was finally inspired again! They are currently remodeling their house and David, an artist and carpenter, is doing the bulk of the remodeling himself. It is still under construction but some of the unique details are already obvious... like the hardwood flooring that David took off of the kitchen floor and reused horizontally on the back wall of the kitchen. Maybe they'll let me come back and take some pictures when it's done?!? ;-)

I LOVED these lights that David created using old glass jars. Each glass is a little different and so gorgeous and nostalgic that they'd be interesting alone... but what an amazing way to reuse them instead of letting them sit somewhere in the back of your basement forever!