Friday, September 26, 2008

Saying So Long to Summer

Today I'm feeling a little nostalgic for summer already. We're only four days into fall and I already miss summer! Maybe because I was out of town almost every weekend, I didn't hardly get to relax and enjoy it this year? I do love opening the windows at night, putting on the first sweater of autumn, and oh how I love wearing boots! But for my last summer "hoo-rah" I went to Maine Cottage today and spotted these adorable pillows. I can definitely see these working well in the beach house of my dreams!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trend: Industrial Lighting

Everywhere I've been looking lately, I've seen very simple, industrial style pendant lights. I love them! Especially in kitchens, light this one from Urban Archaeology that incorporates a pot rack:

Of course I'll probably never be able to afford that! But that style is everywhere! This one from Circa Lighting is cute too:

As is the one from Restoration Hardware with a nice glass element:
AND this one from Pottery Barn that is a little more rustic:

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Favorite Chair

I love Victoria Hagan but my favorite piece of furniture in her line has always been the Wainscott Chair. I find it so elegant and dramatic but still very classic. One of the great dilemnas of my life is how I will ever decorate a home (when I eventually have one) because I am drawn to so many differnt styles of furniture and art but I still like my furniture to "match" in some way. I think what I love most about this chair is that I could see it working well with a variety of different styles - cottage-y to contemporary to traditional. I WILL own it... one day...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Jan Showers

I'm loving Jan Showers right now. She is an interior designer out of Dallas, Texas. Her furniture designs perfectly illustrate my style- freshly updated classics and clean lines.

This is the Daphne Chair- the clear acrylic legs are a unique touch and I love the contrasting piping. Plus it is green... my favorite! Well, my favorite right now at least!

The Loop Chair - very Barbara Barry-ish
The Eliza Table - Simple, elegant and just perfect!!!

Daniele Tete-a-tete

Coco Dining Chair - I'm always drawn to circles for some reason!
I am also in total agreement with her list of peeves:
"• fake flowers
• Excessive collecting which always creates clutter…I am a collector of certain things, but hope I know when to stop or store.
• Painting rooms in acidic, overly bright colors for shock value…who can live in these rooms for long?
• Trends --- I have never believed in following trends…decorating is too expensive…keep it timeless is my credo."