Friday, September 19, 2008

Jan Showers

I'm loving Jan Showers right now. She is an interior designer out of Dallas, Texas. Her furniture designs perfectly illustrate my style- freshly updated classics and clean lines.

This is the Daphne Chair- the clear acrylic legs are a unique touch and I love the contrasting piping. Plus it is green... my favorite! Well, my favorite right now at least!

The Loop Chair - very Barbara Barry-ish
The Eliza Table - Simple, elegant and just perfect!!!

Daniele Tete-a-tete

Coco Dining Chair - I'm always drawn to circles for some reason!
I am also in total agreement with her list of peeves:
"• fake flowers
• Excessive collecting which always creates clutter…I am a collector of certain things, but hope I know when to stop or store.
• Painting rooms in acidic, overly bright colors for shock value…who can live in these rooms for long?
• Trends --- I have never believed in following trends…decorating is too expensive…keep it timeless is my credo."

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