Friday, October 24, 2008

Although I don't think I have what I would consider "modern" taste, I've always had a great appreciation for modern architects and designers. One of my favorites is Alvar Aalto. To our 2008 eyes his work doesn't seem that exceptional, but if you take yourself back in his time (1920's to 1950's-ish) he was doing some very progressive and groundbreaking things that all designers have now adopted. Check out the Viipuri Library he designed and was built 1933-35 in Vyborg, Russia:

The auditorium was designed with an "undulating" ceiling of wood strips, meant to add warmth to otherwise stark white interior and improve acoustics.

As much as I admire his architectural designs, I would much prefer to live with one of these vases he designed. I have been in love with them for a while now and they remain on my wish list every year!

Clear Finlandia Vase

Aalto Turquoise Vase

Aalto Large Clear Tray
Available here.

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