Monday, October 13, 2008

Swan House

Last weekend my mother visited from Louisville, KY. Since this was the first time she came by herself we got to do a lot of things we wouldn't normally get to with my dad or siblings around-- like visit a beautiful historic home! I'd been wanting to visit Swan House at the Atlanta History Center for a while. I've attended a couple lectures on classical architecture and the architect of Swan House, Philip Trammell Shutze so I'd been wanting to see it with my own eyes. It was as spectacular as I had imagined, probably due to the multi-million dollar restoraion the Atlanta History Center executed not too long ago. Unfortunatly interior photographs are not allowed but here are some pictures I took of the exterior of the house:

This is the "garden" facade of Swan House with the iconic cascading pools, designed in an ornate, Italian Renaissance style. The pools were almost directly copied from the Roman Villa Corsini where Shutze visited, sketched, and studied during his training at the American Academy in Rome.

Groin vaults in the portico on the Palladian facade.

The epitome of classicism.

The classical Palladian facade.

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