Friday, October 17, 2008

Green with Envy

I was very impressed with the new Home Magazine Design Showcase house. The whole house has a unified, green and natural palette with lots of natural material. It balances natural with contemporary while still being traditional and practical. But the really great thing about the showcase is all of the great, unique design ideas it incorporates without being "over-the-top". Here are a few highlights:

Multi-level island with space beaneath for a roll-out butcher block.

L-shaped banquette seating under and circular window. The beverage center is nearby just in case you run out of vino! :-)

Love the hammered metal prep sink, although it could stand to be a little larger in order to be functional.

Why don't more people light the inside of their cabinets?? Reaching into dark cabinets has always given me the heebeegeebees!

A cast brass sink sits on top of tempered glass with a layer of pebbles beneath.

The shower door is practically invisible since it slides from the support above instead of swinging out. I love the horizontal shower tiles... and don't forget your towel warmer!

I love the freestanding tub with the wooden support frame and contemporary tub filler.

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